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Wellness Rituals | Massages

Discover a world of harmony and relaxation with our exclusive wellness rituals. From traditional massages to the most innovative techniques, we offer a wide range of personalized treatments to suit your needs. Give yourself a break from daily stress and let yourself be transported on a journey of pure pleasure and regeneration.

Jam massage.png

Jam Delight | €80.00

Pack with cosmetic jams: intense nourishment and new vitality for the skin. Regenerating treatment for radiant and reborn skin.

Thermoil Massage.jpg

Thermoil | €80.00

Decontracting wellness ritual: relaxes tension, numbness and muscle stiffness for total physical and mental relaxation.

Chocolate massage.jpg

Chocolat | €80.00

Wellness experience: hydrating and nourishing treatment with chocolate flavour. An indulgent moment for soft, velvety skin.


Personalized Massage
30min. €45.00 | 40min. €60.00 | 50min. €80.00

Personalized draining, decontracting and relaxing massage.


Explore innovative technologies such as Endomika, Termika or Salina for advanced and targeted treatments. These cutting-edge solutions deliver effective results, whether you're looking to reduce cellulite, tone your skin or fight water retention. With their intelligent and personalized approach, these technologies adapt to the specific needs of your body, ensuring a complete and satisfying treatment.


Salina 4.0 | from €20.00

Draining, decontracting and detoxifying action. Bathtub with 250 kg of Dead Sea salt at 40°C for a relaxing dry bath.

Termika | from €20.00

It firms and gives tone and elasticity to the skin, ensuring a young, healthy and luminous appearance thanks to an innovative and hydrating formulation.


Vacuum | from €20.00

Stimulates microcirculation, oxygenation and activation of elastic fibres, improving skin tone.


MDA - Microdermabrasion | from €20.00

Compacting and toning "anti-gravity" treatment: for firmer and more toned skin, counteracting the effects of skin aging.

Body Treatments

Explore our body treatments, designed to regenerate and reinvigorate your skin. From relaxing massages to energizing scrubs, we offer a wide range of experiences to pamper you from head to toe.


Body Scrub | from €70.00

Deep cleansing exfoliating experience: gives softness and silkiness to your skin for a radiant and smooth appearance.


Thermal Slim | €80.00

Cellulite treatment with seaweed: combats blemishes and promotes toned and smooth skin, for a more harmonious silhouette.


GAG | €70.00

Slim/drain/tonic treatment for legs, abdomen and buttocks: reduces swelling, tones and firms the skin for a more defined silhouette.


Volcano | €80.00

Thermogenic reducing treatment with volcanic powders: promotes fat reduction and improves tone.

Model Up.jpg

Model Up | €80.00

Compacting and toning "anti-gravity" treatment: for firmer and more toned skin, counteracting the effects of skin aging.

Trekking in the mountains

Pressotherapy | €35.00 - €50.00 with bandage

Compacting, reshaping and draining treatment: gives the skin new tone, smoothness and freshness.

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