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Facial Treatments

Explore our wide range of customized solutions, specifically designed to fit your skin's unique needs. From deep cleansing treatments to anti-aging regeneration, we offer a wide selection of options to take care of your skin in a comprehensive and targeted way,

New Skin.png

New Skin | from €70.00

Deep cleansing with ultrasound: cleanses, revitalizes, purifies and smoothes the skin, giving a fresh and radiant face.

Be White 2.0.jpg

Be White 2.0 | €70.00

Illuminating exfoliation with attention to skin blemishes: a complete treatment for luminous and uniform skin.


Purity | €70.00

Purifying treatment specific for oily skin: a revitalizing experience for fresh and luminous skin.

Oxygen Pearl.jpg

Oxygen Pearl | €80.00

Discover the "awakening effect" oxygen anti-aging treatment: a luxurious experience that revitalizes and revives your skin for a youthful and radiant appearance.

Top Defense.jpg

Top Defense | €70.00

Soothing experience tailored for sensitive and reactive skin. Professional treatment that gives comfort and relief to your delicate skin.

Gua Sha massage

Magistral | €80.00

Explore our anti-aging treatment focused on wrinkles and signs of aging. A personalized experience for younger, brighter skin.

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